First ice Eyes! Loving Alberta right now!


Having been plagued with the distraction of ice fishing walleye for well over a month by this point … desperation was growing!  If we still called Ontario home, the ice gear would still be packed up and thoughts of the hardwater angling would still be in the distant future.  But here in Alberta … we heard tell of a spot that walleye could be caught and there was safe ice!!  Say no more! With gear checked, packed and loaded, the truck was hurtling eastward to meet up with a fellow ice angler to try our luck!  Arriving late morning at Rolling Hills Reservoir, my “informant” Wayne had already set up a hut and some tip ups not too far from shore.  While it was relatively shallow (13′ deepest point) where there was safe ice (about 4 inches)… it was certainly deep enough to wet a lure!  Having seen a few fish on the electronics just “eyeballing” my first offerings … I decided to keep the color but downsize the lure and see if that helped with the catching part of this adventure.   That seemed to be the right choice because I started catching….  big, beautiful walleye and a few scattered pike (boo pike)!  Fish cruised by with satisfying frequency and many of them were coerced into eating a gold Lindy Rattlin Flyer Spoon! The biggest bend in the rod came with the weight of a six pound walleye followed shortly after by its twin!  Wayne did well too, landing a few nice pike (his target species) and one walleye.  I truly hope that this early ice success is a harbinger of the ice fishing to come!

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