Caesar’s Steakhouse


It seems lIMG_5260ike only a short time ago that we exchanged our wedding vows in front of our family and close friends at the Liberty Grand in Toronto. Five amazing years later we needed to select a fitting way to celebrate us and our new home here in Alberta. What better way than to enjoy an “Alberta” steak dinner! We had been provided with a number of recommendations for great steakhouses in Calgary but we couldn’t resist the idea of a classic steak in a very “old school” way at Caesar’s Steakhouse and Lounge in the heart of downtown Calgary. We understood when we made our reservations that Caesar’s was established in 1972 and has had a rich history under the same ownership.  In fact  many people we spoke to from Calgary  have been celebrating important milestones and events here for years.

IMG_5262Slightly early for our reservation,we were greeted warmly by the hostess who promptly took our rain drenched jackets.  The rich burgandy leather couch, mirrored wall tile with gold veining in the entrance was just a taste of what was to come as we entered the dining room under escort to our table.  It quickly became apparent that the traditional decor from the 70’s also stood the test of time.  While the decor was dated, the atmosphere of the dining area was warm, inviting and embodied a traditional, fine dining steakhouse.  We were also pleasantly surprised to be seated very near the open fire grill (safely enclosed behind glass) where you could easily watch “your” steak grilled to perfection.

We were very well taken care of by Manuel who proudly shared information about Caesar’s, the various cuts of Sterling Silver and AAA Alberta beef available, the beef aging process, various sauces and of course wines.  After our drinks had arrived, Manuel also delivered a small taste of Caesar’s famous original steak sauce which he aptly described to us as HP Sauce on steroids!  He wasn’t wrong.  We were warmed up with a fantastic caramelized onion soup and garlic toast as we longingly watched steaks being grilled.   As if on cue after we commented to each other how hungry we were for steak, our meals arrived.  A beautifully presented Filet Mignon for the lovely lady and a big hunk of perfectly cooked Rib Eye for the gentlemen (though Ogre would have also been appropriate if you would have seen the drool).  The steaks were well supported by twice baked, stuffed potatoes with all the fixings and not a hint of vegetables!  In a word magnificent.

We couldn’t have picked a better place to celebrate our 5 year anniversary.

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