Stalking Cutthroat on the Skook


DSC_0841Day two of our first BC adventure took us to the Sookumchuck River.  With clear weather ahead, save for some smoke from persistent forest fires in the region, we were excited to hunt for Cutthroat and maybe even a Bull Trout or two on this new river.

The trip started with a dramatic drive through the  mountains on a logging road.  Small creeks incised in deep canyons and sheer cliffs above and below us made us slow our journey,  partly in awestruck wonder and at times with trepidation as the road seemed to drop off into nothingness.  We encountered a few vehicles parked at various pull offs, but throughout the day we didn’t see another angler that wasn’t part of our group.

With every potential access point we passed, there was a growing impatience to start fishing.  Every spot seemed to provide a view of an amazing reach of river with all the perfect places for trout to hide in wait for our flies.  Its hard to describe why, but the tumbling cascades and clear pools reminded us of some of our favourite waters in northern Ontario.  Here however, we were after Cutthroat, not Brook Trout!  Despite the very cold mountain waters (no wet-wading here!) the trout readily showed themselves and hungrily slurped up our dry flies when presented correctly.  Many were caught and many were missed.  A few Cutthroat  narrowly avoided being “dinner” as they were chased ruthlessly by hungry bull trout while simultaneously trying to throw small hooks embedded in their mouths.

The drive out was as beautiful and inspiring in its vistas as the drive in.  As we bounced down along the mountain roads leaving this wilderness area we felt a deep sense of appreciation for Natures’ majesty.  This great day of fishing strengthened our new friendships and even allowed us an opportunity to reconnect with an old friend from Ontario.  Thanks Jon for joining us.  It doesn’t get much better than this!


One thought on “Stalking Cutthroat on the Skook

  1. Your photos are so inspiring for me, not for the fishing aspect, but for the desire to paint them all. What a beautiful country we live in!!!! Most often Canadians don’t see it. Thanks for sharing, love mum


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