Calgary Farmers Market


IMG_5062Farmers markets used to be a place where one would go to find the freshest produce around, sometimes for a deal.  With the increasing demand for local foods and eating healthy, farmers markets have become a mecca for the socially conscious and heath minded.  Calgary’s farmer’s market is no exception.
IMG_5047Saturday mornings the farmer’s market is bustling with people.  Most looking for fresh produce with reusable tote bags in hand.  You won’t find the rustic outdoor stalls manned by farmers who nails are still covered with dirt from picking the morning’s crop fresh for the market.  Calgary’s market is a bit different.  The completely indoor market is carefully laid out with permanent stalls decorated and furnished.  The produce looks like its ready for a photo shoot – bright, clean and perfect!  The majority of the produce is brought in from BC, not too surprising considering the short growing season in most of Alberta.  The BC cherries  were anIMG_5057 absolute delight, sweeter and more flavourful than anywhere else in Canada, maybe North America!   Some Alberta produce can be found, but expect to pay a premium.

Aside from produce, there is lots to see and taste.  Charcuterie, preserves, nuts, hot sauces and flowers are all in great supply.  Soffritto sells oils and vinegars at this market.  The wall of stainless steel olive oil tanks brings back memories of Italy.   We highly recommend the fig balsamic vinegar.  All you need is bread!  Dotted around the market there are some home decor, health supply and of course a food court!  A must have for any market.


One thought on “Calgary Farmers Market

  1. It wouldn’t pay to be really hungry when you go to the market…..just the photos make me salivate! Not a pretty picture, right? Why is it that markets make you want to buy your food for a year?

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