Hike in the City


It was time for two sisters to catchup and IMG_4527what better way to do that then on a quick urban hike.  There are a large number of hiking, walking and biking trails traversing the City of Calgary.  Exploring them will definitely take some time and the best part is that they are close enough for a quick outing after dinner in the summer months.   We thought a great place to start would be Bowmont Park in the north west corner of Calgary.  The trail head starts in the community of Bowness and follows a valley down towards the Bow River.  The trail quickly changes to a wooden staircase and boardwalk making the sharp elevation change relatively easy and enjoyable.  There is lots to see on your way down to the river.  Birds and butterflies abound and groundwater seeps from the hillside which form small creeks working their way down into the valley.  This very popular spot seemed to welcome everyone.  Many young families as well as fitness enthusiasts who were getting their workout on the stairs.
IMG_4539At the bottom of the trail you are rewarded with a wall of unique stone called “tufa”.  This rock is actually created by calcium deposits from the groundwater seeping out of the hill, creating beautiful waterfalls.  Tufa looks almost sponge like, but it definitely hard as stone.  Just past the falls is a scenic lookout over the Bow River which afforded a great view after a short hike.

The only down side of this adventure?  Having to hike back up the valley to our car.  It was definitely a workout, but the view and the falls were well worth it.

Thanks Laura for finding this hike and and joining me!


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