A Brief Visit to Banff


Visits from family are always a great time to explore more of what the provide has to offer.  DSC_9712We were estatic to play host to mom and dad, Laura and the new addition to the family Luca!  When asked what the wanted to see first, the answer was unanimous… mountains!  A car ride was in order, so off to Banff we went.  The trip started with a comedic round of Old McDonald to help Luca settle in for a much needed nap.  To be honest we ran out of animals sounds we knew and things got a little silly!  It was a lovely day for a drive as we watched the flat terrain turn to hills then dramatic mountains.

We drove into the town of Banff just after noon.  The main street is lined with endless choices of restaurants.  We opted DSC_9720for an independent restaurant, the The Maple Leaf Grill.  This steakhouse is a truly Canadian experience, from the name to the wood, stone and iron decor to the menu itself.  The wild game burgers were
memorable and Luca quite enjoyed the yam fries.

The sidewalks were bustling with people, one can only imagine how busy it would be on the weekend. It would be easy to spend an entire day visiting the unique shops in the town. We stopped at the Fudgery for treats.  Ice cream, fudge and bear claws being made right in front of us! Who could resist?

DSC_9747A short walk down Buffalo St. we found a walking trail led us to a pedestrian bridge which crosses the Bow River.  We stopped there to take in the sites and snap a few photos.  One last stop, Bow River Falls.  We retrieved our vehicle and crossed the Bow River, followed Glen Ave and Bow River Avenue to the south side of the river.  This is a beautifully scenic spot with walking trails, benches and even a beach.  Its hard to believe people swim in this river considering how cold the water is!  We took time to admire the falls and snap more photos.  Luca however was more interested in the stones on the beach!

There is a seemingly endless array of things to do in Banff and something for everyone in every season!  Signs for skiing, snowboarding, rafting and more call you into the town.  We’ll have to make a trip back to explore some of the sports and sites this town has to offer.

DSC_9686  DSC_9823

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