Hector Lake


Hector Lake is located on the Stoney First Nations Reserve and DSC_9636along with Nakoda Lakeside Lodge, is owned and operated by Wesley First Nations.  Anglers can access the property and fish with non-motorized boats for a rod fee of $35 per angler.  This pay for use does limit the angling traffic and makes for a very peaceful experience, if you ignore the regular helicopter tours overhead.  The lake itself is small and shallow, with a maximum depth of 7 feet.  The waters of this blue-green lake are surprisingly clear.  Though the lake is surrounded by mountains, the low cloud ceiling concealed their tops throughout the entire day.  A snow storm the day before we fished kept the air cold and damp with periodic gusts of chilling winds that blew across the lake.

There are rumours of large rainbows, over 30″ in length being caught with some regularity in this lake.  This as you can imagine, peaked our interest!  With early suspicions that the fish were put off by the cold front still lingering in the area, we mentally prepared for what we thought would be a challenging day.  This proved to be the case.  Fish were rising here and there and many of them were large but they kept what they were feeding on well hidden from us.  Just seeing the odd subtle rise form or unbridled explosion was enough to keep us fishing with focus.  This outing truly tested our patience as fish were only caught with a dead still line presentation after what seemed like hours waiting.  Cold limbs and wet hands were quickly forgotten when there was a tug on the line though the hours of waiting for the next take seemed to bring back the numbing cold faster each time.  Try as we might we didn’t catch any of the real “bruisers” but we did see a few as they porpoised for bugs in the shallows or cruising just under our feet.  Clear water can be frustrating!  Most importantly, we didn’t get skunked and after seeing the giants for ourselves, we just might go back.

G0041008G0051019  G0030989

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