Beaver Lake Bows


Our first day, test driving pontoon boats in Alberta was on Beaver Lake.  This small laIMG_4359ke is a short drive west of Red Deer and by all accounts boasts a decent rainbow trout fishery.  Fishing started off a bit slow with small “stockers” being caught by some.  More often then not, these recently planted trout seemed more interested in the bright orange strike indicators (vertical depth regulator) than the flies.  For those not catching fish, desperate tactics were needed!  The easiest way to avoid being skunked?… you guessed it …  trolling a small bright orange streamer.  While completely embarrassing for seasoned “chironomid” anglers, it did the trick.  The skunk was gone!

There is a good amount of structure to explore in the lake.  Deep holes and troughs up to 30 feet in depth, steep drop IMG_4358offs, islands and a floating weed mat all made for interesting structure to explore.  Though we can’t say they were all productive.

The late afternoon sun seemed to spark activity on the lake.  Muskrats were scampering around on every inch of shoreline.  One of these bold creatures made straight for Dave’s pontoon boat like a torpedo and got within inches before fear set in and altered its course.  Pairs of loons were guarding nests on the floating stand of vegetation which also  seemed to make the fish nearby a little skitish.  After catching a IMGP1584fish with a puncture hole either from a loon or heron, it was easy to understand why.

The early evening gave up many rainbows with some measuring over 20″.  It was a fantastic day, despite a slow start and it is suspected that it would have gotten even better as the evening progressed.  Our buddy Rick continued to capitalize on the willingness of the evening rainbows while we rowed slowly back to the launch. Thanks for another great day on the water Rick and Larry… guess we’ll have to pick the location next time.


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