Libations at Jubilations


After receiving a surprise invitation to join a colleague and his wife for an evening of food and entertainment we found ourselves in the southwest end of the city at a place calledIMG_4210 Jubilations.  A few weeks earlier when the initial invitation was received it came with  the question “Do you  and your wife like Sherlock Holmes?” To which we emphatically replied “absolutely!” We immediately thought fondly of the two blockbuster movies with Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law and the popular TV series Elementary starring Johnny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu, but hands down, the finest rendition of Sherlock Holmes in recent times is Sherlock produced for the BBC (which we shamelessly binge watched on Netflix)  starring a magnificent pairing of Benedict Cumberbatch  and Martin Freeman.  So there we were, standing outside the box office with thoughts of a dramatic murder mystery over a three course meal and by the time coffee and dessert would be served we would know “who done it”.  We were so so wrong, but certainly not disappointed!

IMG_4206Once inside we were quickly greeted by one of the many eclectic (emphasis added because frankly we aren’t kidding) servers who brought us to a table that provided a great view of the three stage set.  Our server, who in a costume of sorts had adopted an interesting and unusual persona for the evening service, provided us with programs, menus and took our drink orders.  We enjoyed fantastic conversation over our first course that was interrupted periodically by the singing of popular songs from the 80s and 90s sung by a few of the servers.  With the show about to start we were introduced to one of the main characters who did a fantastic version of another popular rock song!  By the time our entrees arrived the lights were dimmed and the game was officially afoot!!  A loose story line that involved the search for a killer by Sherlock and Watson linked a series of musical numbers.  The popular songs from various decades and genres  were very well performed and enhanced by the simple choreography and minimalist sets.  Judging by the applause (including our own) the performance was well received by the audience.  One assumption we made was correct … by the time we finished our dessert and coffee … we knew who did it!

The light hearted, musical  entertainment,  enjoyable conversation with our new friends during the intermissions and a reasonably good meal seemed to provide the kind of experience we were looking for as we discover more about Calgary.

D’Amelio and Green give It’s Elementary Sherlock a two thumbs up!

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