Bullshead Reservoir

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featured image2Bullshead Reservoir is a provincial park here in Cypress Hills, Alberta and is home to a stocked population of triploid rainbow trout.  The drive from Calgary to the Cypress Hills area is long and flat.  It’s difficult to judge distance when the sight lines stretch for hundreds of miles.  As we crossed the astonishingly flat prairie, the only gauge of distance was the odd small home on the horizon.  The reservoir is just south of a town called Dunsmore, which is just east of Medicine Hat.  While the terrain becomes more ‘hilly’ as you approach Medicine Hat, there is still a serious lack of trees for a transplanted Ontarian! The reservoir is small and draws fly fishers and hardware anglers from all over the province.  Fortunately for us, a couple of good friends (Larry and Rick who made their first appearance in the Sylvan Lake ice fishing post) arrived before us.  They managed to find the fish and figure out what they were eating.  The main body of the reservoir was very turbid and looked a fair bit like chocolate milk.  A small arm of the reservoir extends north and is isolated from the main lake by a berm and connected by a culvert.  This section remained very clear and  gave up some very nice fish. It was a great start to our day with large, beautifully coloured rainbow trout tugging at our lines and eating our flies. It is often hard to imagine such large animals eating such tiny bugs!  Large bucks (males) still had full spawning colour and pronounced kypes . The wind across the prarie landscape is unforgiving and did not seem to want to commit to any particular direction.  We were convinced it was chasing us around the lake as it changed direction with our every move.  Gusts of up to 45km/h turned fly fishing into knitting.  We called it quits when the wind started hurling white caps against the shore at our feet.  Fish were being caught all day, for those angler persistent enough to face the wind.  With over a dozen good sized rainbows landed for each of us we all agreed that it was an exceptional day.


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