Who Knew? Hoodoos!


DSC_9263Who knew there were hoodoos in Alberta?  We didn’t!  A hoodo is column of rock that protrudes out of the ground in many arid landscapes.  In fact, these features are created though weathering of stone.  Since soft stone weathers away faster, a hard stone cap at the top of the column protects all the sand and stone underneath producing these isolated columns.  Now you know! And knowing is half the battle.  The Dumheller hoodoos are found in the heart of the Alberta badlands in the DSC_9283DSC_9285Willow Creek Coulee.  By the way, a coulee is a deep dry ravine formed by running water.  It was obviously a learning experience for us new Albertans.  The hoodoos may not be as colourful in winter as in summer, but the lack of crowds make picture taking easy and the walk enjoyable.  There is much to discover when exploring the landscape around these hoodoos. Red cactus paddles peaked out of the snow showing some colour in this brown landscape.  A porcupine was a great sight for us, but he didn’t seem too happy to be followed around by a camera.

Joan IMG_4584No visit to the Drumheller area is complete without dinner or drinks at the Last Chance Saloon.  Located in the small town of Wayne, the road to the Last Chance Salloon is peppered with 11 one-lane bridges crossing over the Rosebud River.  This amazing establishment has been in continuous operation for over 100 years.  There is a wealth of history, artifacts and even bullet holes adorning this restaurant and hotel.  Antique cameras, wagon wheels, miners helmets, signs, animal mounts and a working 1940s band box.  Hours can be spent exploring the saloon.  The food was good, the drinks were great, but the service and hospitality was absolutely fantastic!  Thanks to Paula the Saloon Manager for such a warm welcome.  Thanks to Mum and Dad for sharing this adventure with us.


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