Flames in the Saddle Dome


IMG_3610A generous, last minute offer of hockey tickets had us heading to the Scotia Bank Saddle Dome on a Friday night!  For our fishing friends … it still involved ice at least!  Driving halfway into the heart of the city we hopped on the C-Train at Heritage Station and joined the throngs of die hard fans dressed in jerseys, hats and toques heading north to see the Flames take on the Anaheim Ducks .  The train seemed to empty completely moments after it reached the Victoria Park/Stampede Station where the transit riders joined a growing mob of fans already in a steady march to the Saddle Dome.  Entering the breezeway leading to the arena we were taken aback by the posters highlighting  the history of the Calgary Stampede lining the north wall.  One for every year since 1912 which made for quite a visual for this legacy.

By Ontario requirements, hockey doesn’t usually involve cowboy hats, ropes and videos of horses bucking riders.  But, it was “Western Night” at the game, a truly Alberta experience!  Cowboys in full dress swinging around ropes greeted fans and Stampede Queens and Princess gave away prizes to fans who could guess if a rider could stay on a bucking horse.  The ice was cleaned by beautiful young women dressed like they just walked out of Hazard County.  All in all, not what we are used to in a hockey game.


The fans filled the dome.  From fabulous seats, the game was exciting to watch.  Every Flames goal was celebrated with sirens and actual flames all over the dome courtesy of ENMAX.  The Flames played well and despite a great starting period, and an inspired battle in the third, they lost to the Ducks 6-3.

Nothing like a hockey game to introduce you to a city!  Thanks again for the tickets!

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