Lake Newell – Third Times a Charm!


“blah blah walleye blah blah”

… now in defence of the person who authored the start of this post, there has been a lot of discussions around the house (at times one-sided babble) about walleye.  It is further stated that the “a lot” mentioned above is an understatement.

To make a long story short we went back to Lake Newell.   The decision theoretically supported by the notion that we could exploit the experience gained fishing the lake in previous excursions.  It was a cold day of fishing with temperatures a few degrees below zero but paired with strong, chilling winds.  We had no trouble locating the right depth (or affectionately known around the house as “contour”) at the right “location” on Newell and started the hunt.  It wasn’t long before the final holes were drilled and the hut was set up.  For those interested, the target “contours”  ranged between 15 and 26 feet.   The ice was a ridiculous 26″ thick which made breaking through that final inch of ice challenging and in every case, arm wrenching.  It didn’t take long for a few small pike to be caught and in typical “Newell” fashion, a couple whitefish.  Did the pike bite off expensive lures again you might wonder?  Yes. A few times.  We are happy to report that a pike responsible for at least one blatant attack on a walleye lure was apprehended after some struggling which was caught on video.    A thorough search of its mouth revealed a stolen lure taken a short 40 minutes prior!  The stolen property was promptly extracted and returned to the rightful owner.  Other first time offenders were caught in the act of walleye lure stealing and released with a stern warning.  And then it happened.  The Unicorn did appear!  A Newell Lake walleye hungrily attacked a buckshot and minnow.  Not the largest specimen but a gorgeous walleye nonetheless!  Moments later, a twin to the first walleye smacked another buckshot tipped with minnow. DSC_9045DSC_9029

By the end of the day, marked by yet another fantastic sunset,  one more small walleye was caught ending the day with a total of 3 walleye, 9 pike and 2 whitefish.  DSC_9047

 No fish were harmed in the making of this blog.

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