School?!?! On a Saturday?!?


You Bet!  On Saturday January 31st the Central Alberta Fly Tying Club hosted a Euronymphing workshop taught by Phil Rowley.  YIMG_3344up, that famous guy from TV!  I will admit I’ve been curious about Czech nymphing for some time, but never made the time to learn about it.    The Central Alberta Fly Tiers are a committed and entertaining bunch.  They braved a snow storm to pack the seminar and had a blast doing it.  Czech, Polish, French and Spanish nymphing were all demystified as were the flies used in these styles of fishing.  A wild array of materials including bead heads to embroidery floss and condoms were used to tie classic flies.   Despite the giggles and jokes as everyone tried wrap the slippery latex around the hook, the flies turned out great.  The weaving of embroidery floss had some tiers completely tangled up – what anglers won’t do for a fish.IMG_3359

Just south of Red Deer on Highway 2 is a stretch of road called Gasoline Alley  Doesn’t sound very appealing does it?  Besides the obvious significant number of gas stations, there are some fascinating stores and shops.  An oversized, LED lit teapot over a Glenn’s Family Restaurant is hard to miss.  This place is rumored to have a great selection of loose leaf teas.  Being a self professed tea snob, I had to check it out.  This was no joke!  Patrons are greeted with a wall of mini tins of tea followed by a massive wall of looseleaf teas in large glass jars.  Teas are packaged in bags or tins with individual labels.  IMG_3362This is a tea lovers dream.

Just two doors down from Glenns, is the Donut Mill.  The giant wind mill on the front of the building is hard to miss.  The warm, sweet smell outside is heavenly.  The Donut Mill is famous for their fresh made donuts – go figure!  They do not disappoint.  The donuts are fresh, fluffy and sweet.  This is what I remember donuts tasting like as a kid!

All in all, a productive day! …


Many thanks to Lesley for the tip on Glenn’s and the Donut Mill!

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