The Adventure Begins

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On January 9th Calgary greeted us with a snowy welcome.


While our belongings and vehicles would not arrive until the following morning, the excitement of our new home was too much to resist.  So, with what we could carry onto a plane, we made ourselves comfortable in our new home.  We toasted the home with a great bottle of wine and chocolate!


Turns out we are well past spending the night in sleeping bags on the floor!  Maybe a hotel would have been a better idea.  Our movers arrived bright and early.  Everything was unloaded in 5 hours.  With our lack of sleep it seemed more like 10.  We took the afternoon to explore the neighbourhood, get some basic groceries and generally avoid the pile of boxes in our new home.


Being the nerds that we are, we decided it would be interesting to see what our stuff went through on the drive across the country.  We deployed automatic temperature data loggers in our chest  freezer and in a box full of towels.  Here’s what we saw…

Box temp Freezer graph

Nerdy right?  Well, what do you expect from a couple of biologists!

So… we’ve been here one week and what have we accomplished, besides working every day?  Well, 152 boxes are unpacked and we still can’t find our dinner plates and three bowls.  On the plus side, dessert plates lead to smaller portions!  Here is the before and after of our first (and only) completely unpacked room.  Yes, we actually do have an island!!  IMG_3189 IMG_3215

Hmm, it would appear one of us hasn’t moved! Better get back to it.


p.s. for all those concerned… our fishing gear made it 100% intact!

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